KPACIO's Contact Information


U204 Casa Malvar Building
Corner Gen. Malvar and Singalong Streets Malate, 1004 Manila, Philippines
Telefax: (632) 536-8565
Cellphone No. (0919) 225-3336

KPACIO's Programs

KPACIO sets programs in order to realize its vision and mission. The following is a list of its programs:

A. Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP)

1. Early education for 3-6 years old children
2. Supplementary Feeding
3. Community Education for Parents

Learning to write starts at an early age

Not only are the children taught how to read, write, and listen, but they are also taught to express their views on certain issues that are relevant.

In SY 2008- 2009 ECDP reached out to 616 pre-school age children:

1. National Capital Region (NCR): Malabon (107), Navotas (47), and Manila (165)
2. Cebu: Mandaue (244)
3. Davao: Davao City (53)

Dental service rendered by volunteer dentist of the Rotary Club in Malabon to ECDP children

Children express their views on labor migration in time of the Global Forum on Migration and Development held in Manila in October 2008.

B. Youth Education and Development Support Program (YEDSP)

1. Educational Materials Support
2. Educational Workshops and Seminars
3. Community Education for Parents

Workshops for the youth help shape their character and enhance their talents

Around124 children and youth received educational support and attended supplementary educational activities : 1. NCR: Manila City - 12; Navotas – 30; Malabon – 15; 2. Mandaue City, Cebu – 65; 3. Davao City - 12

Providing opportunities to enhance the creativity of the youth and develop themselves as “Youth Advocates for Peace.

Equip the youth with tools to better plan their future through “Financial Literacy Workshop

C. Micro Projects Assistance
1. Emergency Situation
2. Cultural Promotion of Indigenous People

Psycho-social activities for children internal refugees affected by government military campaigns in rural areas

Organizing a LIKAT Festival keeps the treasures of traditional culture and practices alive in the younger members of the Dibabawon tribe in Mindanao.

Younger generation learns from the elders the traditional practices in agriculture that promote harmony with nature.

D. Networking

1. Capability-building of staff and community workers
2. Mobilization and development of volunteers
3. Policy advocacy
4. Project development

Evaluation workshop with students volunteers from UP and DLSU

Organize study tour of student volunteers to a Moro community to have a glimpse of their situation and aspirations.

Assist Japanese professors in organizing their school’s students formation program through a visit to a nursing college.

Facilitating visit of students of Bunkyo Gakuin University to the social action office of the Miriam College to learn strategies on student involvement in community development.

Organize activities to encourage interaction between Filipino children and youth members of Free the Children Japan, a Japan-based youth organization, as a way to contribute to the better appreciation of working with children worldwide.

Consultation with network members of PAVE, a volunteer organization

Children’s human rights advocacy through body painting.

Education forum on policy advocacy on ODA. (Reality of Aid)

Educate to end poverty” an advocacy brought by NGO and PO members of the Education Network to the attention of state actors.

About KPACIO, Inc.


KPACIO, Inc. is a non-government organization in the Philippines. This was established in 1996 to support programs and projects for people in poor areas.

The said organization also supports the endeavors of the Konkokyo Peace Activity Center in Japan in the promotion of human rights and world peace.


The KPACIO Inc. dreams to develop communities to become self-reliant, to embody the ideals of justice and love, and to be aware of national and international realities.


The KPACIO Inc. is committed to the growth and development of persons who shall manifest and foster unity among themselves and beyond cultural borders and harmony with the whole creation.