About KPACIO, Inc.


KPACIO, Inc. is a non-government organization in the Philippines. This was established in 1996 to support programs and projects for people in poor areas.

The said organization also supports the endeavors of the Konkokyo Peace Activity Center in Japan in the promotion of human rights and world peace.


The KPACIO Inc. dreams to develop communities to become self-reliant, to embody the ideals of justice and love, and to be aware of national and international realities.


The KPACIO Inc. is committed to the growth and development of persons who shall manifest and foster unity among themselves and beyond cultural borders and harmony with the whole creation.

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  1. Ate Harriet. Maganda! so beautiful to see a blog of your wonderful work. I am sharing this with my work colleagues in Devon, U.K. Ingat ppalagi, Maria.